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Skin tips to make your eyes stand out

Main Line Health September 18, 2020 General Wellness

Preparing for work or a night out with friends or a partner might have previously meant putting on some makeup, spending a little extra time on your hair and generally a lot of time primping in front of the bathroom mirror. But in the midst of a pandemic, this getting ready routine has gotten a lot easier; for most of us, it means picking out a face mask and heading out the door.

But with a mask that covers the majority of your face, you might be starting to focus on some of the little things that you’ve been ignoring or overlooking—namely, your eyes. Several cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists are reporting increased patient interest in cosmetic procedures like Botox and eyelid lifts. During COVID-19, your eyes have truly become a window to the world—and you want to make sure they look good!

According to Catherine Weng, MD, who is board-certified in both facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and otolaryngology, there are many options for anyone who is interested in making their eyes stand out from above a mask.

“There are many surgical and non-surgical options for people who are looking to improve their appearance,” says Dr. Weng, who sees patients at Main Line Health King of Prussia. “Depending on your health, your skin type and what you’re looking for there are many options available that can reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve the appearance of your eyes and the surrounding area.”

At her office in King of Prussia, Dr. Weng offers browlifts, facelifts, eyelid surgeries as well as injectables and fillers. And while procedures like these may be trendy right now, they’re nothing new.

“We see patients of all ages and they’re coming to us for various reasons,” says Dr. Weng. “For some people, these can help correct facial injuries or traumas but for others, these surgeries are primarily cosmetic. Whatever the reason, these offer our patients the benefit of confidence and improved self-esteem.”

You may not be ready to commit to surgery just yet, but there are some steps you can take to make your eyes pop while the majority of your face is masked. Dr. Weng offers her advice for maintaining healthy, vibrant skin around the eyes:

  • Sun protection: You know how important sun protection is for keeping your skin healthy, yet many people still do not use a broad spectrum sunscreen on a daily basis. Even during winter, your eyes are exposed to the sun. Make sure they’re protected by wearing sunscreen on your face or a moisturizer that contains SPF.
  • Be gentle: The skin around your eyes is six to 10 times thinner than the skin in other areas of your face. Avoid scratching, rubbing or pulling on the area to prevent wrinkles. Instead, if you’re applying a product, use your pinky finger to gently dab and rub it into the area.
  • Let makeup soak off: Instead of using wipes to remove your eye makeup—which often require you to pull or tug at your lashes or the skin surrounding your eyes—try letting it soak off. Use a cotton round soaked in makeup remover and press it gently to your eye for 20-30 seconds. It stubborn eye makeup sticks around, use cotton swabs to target these areas.
  • Sleep well, eat well and exercise: An overall healthy lifestyle is good for your skin. Make time for sleep and regular exercise, and limit your intake of salty foods and alcohol, two groups that can cause dehydration and puffiness.
  • Quit smoking: The toxins in cigarette smoking can speed up skin aging and make it more prone to wrinkles. If you’re a smoker quit. If you’re not, avoid secondhand smoke.
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