What is a joint providership?

The ACCME defines joint providership as the providership of a CME activity by one or more accredited and one or more nonaccredited organizations. Therefore, ACCME accredited providers that plan and present one or more activities with non-ACCME accredited providers are engaging in “joint providership.” Please note: the ACCME does not intend to imply that a joint providership relationship is an actual legal partnership. Therefore, the ACCME does not include the words partnership or partners in its definition of joint providership or description of joint providership requirements.

The accredited provider must take responsibility for a CME activity when it is presented in cooperation with a nonaccredited organization and must use the appropriate accreditation statement.

If our organization decides to pursue joint providership for our activity, what will it cost to complete the application process for a live activity?

The fees associated with joint providership of a live activity are $2,500 for the administrative cost plus $50 per credit. A credit is equal to one hour of CME. For example, if your activity is an all-day session (eight hours of education) then the administrative cost would be: $2500 + $50.00 x 8.0 hours ($400) for a total cost of $2900.

Note: If your organization intends to apply for educational grants from commercial interests, please contact [email protected] as additional fees may apply.

What resources will we need to complete the application process?

  • Clinical knowledge to identify physician practice gaps, educational need (knowledge, competence, or performance), provide references in the form of links to websites or publication information, identify outcomes, do content reviews, or monitor session to resolve conflicts of interest. This can be one individual or a planning committee. This role is critical especially at the beginning to complete the application, but also throughout the process for conflict resolution. It is important that this resource be able to respond to emails or phone calls during the process.
  • Administrative support is needed throughout the process. This resource is the main contact person for Main Line Health and serves as the “go-to” person throughout the process. Tasks include:
    • Communicating with planners and speakers to request disclosure forms and resolve conflicts
    • Submitting application and agenda to Main Line Health for consideration
    • Receiving and paying the invoice
    • Communicating with speakers to collect disclosures and speaker agreements and send to Main Line Health by due date
    • Sending marketing materials to Main Line Health for approval and making revisions
    • Sending exhibit forms/letters to Main Line Health for approval
    • Creating and sending all onsite information (e.g., evaluation form, CME disclosure information, program booklet) for approval
    • Capturing registration prior to and at the event and reporting it to Main Line Health within two weeks of the activity in the Excel template that will be provided
    • Submitting an evaluation summary and financial report (templates provided) within 30 days of the activity

What is Main Line Health responsible for during the process?

  • Responding promptly (usually within one week of your request submission) to let you know if we can consider joint sponsoring your event
  • Working with you throughout the process to communicate requirements, provide training and resources, provide examples/templates when possible, answer questions, etc.
  • Providing necessary oversight throughout the process to ensure that the CME activity meets AMA expectations and the ACCME provider requirements, including compliance with the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support of CME
  • Providing CME transcripts to physician attendees after receiving the attendance list in the required Excel format
  • Retaining activity information for required six years and providing duplicate transcripts when requested

What are the next steps for my organization to apply for a joint providership?

  • Complete a letter of intent via e-mail and include the following information: the organization’s name, name of event, date of event, and how the event will be funded (e.g., organizational support, advertising and exhibits, etc.) and your contact information.
  • Complete the CME Activity Accreditation Questionnaire (PDF).
  • Obtain a copy of your organization’s mission statement.
  • Send all documents to Main Line Health at [email protected].