A food allergy involves the immune system and may cause itching, hives, swelling, diarrhea, wheezing and potentially very severe, life-threatening symptoms (anaphylaxis). You can have an allergy to any food including:

  • Fruits and vegetables (a cross-reaction if allergic to birch, grass or ragweed pollen) including: apples, pears, celery, carrots, potato, cherry, hazelnut, kiwi, peach, plum, celery, melon, tomato, banana, cucumber, zucchini
  • Proteins found in eggs, cow’s milk, peanuts, wheat, soy, fish, shellfish and tree nuts.

Children sometimes outgrow food allergies to cow’s milk, eggs, soy and wheat, but certain types of food allergies such as peanuts and shellfish allergy persist throughout adulthood.

Avoidance of the food source of the food allergy is the only course of treatment, but if you are accidentally exposed, immediate intervention with epinephrine will help anaphylaxis. Always seek immediate medical attention. Your allergist may also recommend you carry a portable auto-injectable epinephrine.

Your Main Line Health allergist can test and diagnose you to properly identify if your symptoms are caused by a food allergy or are due to another food-related disorder.

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