How do I safely store opioids?

The abuse of opioids is a significant public safety concern. Teenagers and young adults most commonly get these medications from their own medicine cabinets, where another family member has stored them.

All opioids should be stored in their original packaging inside a locked cabinet, lockbox, or a location where others cannot easily access them. Carefully note when and how much medicine you take in order to keep track of how much is left. If you think that someone has taken your medicine, contact the police immediately to file a report.

How do I safely dispose of unused opioid medications?

Main Line Health has partnered with local county officials to install prescription medicine drop boxes in the main lobbies of Lankenau Medical Center, Bryn Mawr Hospital, Paoli Hospital and Riddle Hospital. With these four locations in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, there is likely an opioid disposal near you! The drop boxes offer a secure way to properly dispose of any type of medicine, keeping drugs safe from misuse while also protecting the environment.

You can bring leftover pain medications and dispose of them in the designated boxes located by each hospital’s main entrance. It’s important to remove personal information from the prescription label and keep the medicine in its original container. The boxes are available to members of the public as well as employees, patients and visitors of the hospitals.