Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Outpatient Group

Support Groups

This group is designed to support individuals facing emotional distress, communication challenges and difficulties with emotional regulation. It is particularly beneficial for those contending with intense feelings such as anger, frustration, anxiety, and depression, which may be ingrained in their personalities. Our DBT group covers modules that address these issues, providing valuable assistance to candidates dealing with conditions like bipolar disorder, severe depression, self-harm tendencies, mild suicidal thoughts, PTSD, problematic substance use and eating disorders.

Requirements for group members:

  • Ages 18+ (out of high school)
  • No active addiction
  • No active suicide ideation/homicide ideation (with plan)
  • Willing to participate in virtual group setting
  • Willing to accept 6-month commitment
  • Willing to complete weekly homework
  • Must be working with individual therapist for duration of group and sign release for therapist

This is a closed group for 6 months with a maximum of 10 patients. Referred patients will have a phone screening completed by the group therapist and then will have a BPS scheduled prior to starting the group. Call 888.227.3898 to learn more.

Event Information

Mirmont Outpatient Center
600 Abbott Drive
Broomall, PA 19008

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