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As a physician, I believe my first job is to listen. Treating a person is a privilege. I care about getting to know the person, what they value, and how to take care of them in a way that reflects those values. My second job is to teach people about their health conditions so they can feel empowered to make good decisions.

Electrophysiology, Cardiovascular Disease
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Board certified since 2023

Cardiovascular Disease


Cardiology Consultants of Philadelphia

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Patrick Dale, MD

Dr. Dale is a cardiologist with advanced training and skills in the diagnosis and treatment of abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias). Arrhythmias involve a malfunction of the heart’s electrical system, which normally regulates the heart muscle contractions that keep the heart pumping blood throughout the body. When this system malfunctions, faulty electrical signals within the heart may cause it to pump (beat) too fast, too slow, or irregularly. The result can be a range of symptoms from mild to severe. Dr. Dale evaluates and treats all types of arrhythmias, and he is skilled in all approaches to treatment, from medications to manage symptoms to procedures and devices to control the underlying problem. His focus is on helping patients understand the often-confusing problem that is making their heart beat abnormally and causing their symptoms, and then helping them weigh their options for treatment. He has a special interest in the care of patients with atrial fibrillation, a common arrhythmia that can significantly affect a person’s quality of life if it is not well controlled. While medications may be a good option for some patients, others may be best treated with ablation, a minimally invasive procedure that uses heat energy to create tiny scars in the heart to block the faulty electrical signals and restore normal heart rhythm. Dr. Dale is experienced using ablation to treat several types of arrhythmias, as well as using implantable devices that help control abnormal heart rhythms. These devices include: 1) conventional and wireless (leadless) pacemakers, 2) cardioverter-defibrillators, 3) cardiac resynchronization devices (also called biventricular pacemakers), and 4) conduction system pacing devices. Dr. Dale sees patients in Springfield and performs procedures at Bryn Mawr Hospital and Riddle Hospital.


Education and Training


  • Medical School
    Virginia Commonwealth School of Medicine - 2015
  • Residency
    Internal Medicine, University of North Carolina School of Medicine - 2018
  • Fellowship
    Electrophysiology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center - 2023
  • Fellowship
    Cardiovascular Disease, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center - 2021

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