The Annenberg Center for Medical Education

The Annenberg Center for Medical Education at Lankenau Medical Center is a state-of-the-art meeting facility that hosts educational events and presentations for physicians, physicians-in-training and other healthcare professionals.

As a teaching hospital, Lankenau Medical Center has distinctive characteristics that set it apart from other community-based hospitals. Medical education has been central to Lankenau Medical Center's mission for more than 100 years. Today, medical education at Lankenau consists of two components: graduate medical education (GME) programs, focusing on teaching physicians-in-training (medical students, residents and fellows) to become skilled clinicians and lifelong students of medicine, and continuing medical education (CME) programs, enhancing the knowledge and skills of practicing physicians in order to maintain high quality patient care.

Lankenau Medical Center is committed to its tradition of advancing the practice of medicine through medical education. The Annenberg Foundation has invested in this mission of medical education at Lankenau. Through a generous $10 million grant, The Annenberg Foundation has helped to build and endow a dedicated facility with the technology, programs and staff needed to propel physician medical education into the 21st century.

The Annenberg Foundation

The Walter and Leonore Annenberg Conference Center for Medical Education was made possible through a $10 million gift to Lankenau from The Annenberg Foundation. Mrs. Leonore Annenberg and her late husband, Ambassador Walter H. Annenberg, devoted their lives to the transformation of communities through thoughtful giving. Their very generous support provides Lankenau with an incomparable opportunity to create a dynamic regional center for medical education—to the ultimate benefit of our physicians and patients.

The names of the late Ambassador and Mrs. Annenberg are synonymous with the drive to improve education in the United States. In that sense, The Walter and Leonore Annenberg Conference Center for Medical Education serves both a practical and symbolic purpose, promoting the core values that inspire physicians to teach and learn.

The Annenberg's contribution comes at a critical time when finances, time constraints and liability issues are driving high-quality physicians away from the practice of medicine. The Annenberg Conference Center projects to the community the value we place upon the education of not only our own physicians, but also those we send out into the world to care for others.

The spirit that prompted The Annenberg Foundation's extraordinary gift to medical education is the same spirit that prompts the Lankenau physician to research a symptom, learn a new technique, seek out a colleague for help or return to the bedside of a very sick patient, no matter what the hour. With the strength of a permanent endowment behind The Annenberg Conference Center, Lankenau Medical Center can ensure the educational programs that create this kind of doctor.

"My husband and I provided support for educational endeavors in pre-collegiate education, higher education, arts education and civic education. With this grant, The Annenberg Foundation proudly adds medical education to its investments." – Mrs. Leonore Annenberg

Thoughtful gifts transform our community

The Annenberg Foundation's generosity demonstrates what an enormous difference charitable giving can make in the quality of our lives today and far into the future.

For more information about the center and how you can support medical education at Lankenau Medical Center, contact Katie Beddis, executive director of development for Lankenau Medical Center, at 484.476.8067 or make an online gift today.