With Main Line Health MyChart, you can keep track of your prescription and over-the-counter medications in one location that’s always just a click away. When logged in, just navigate to Health and choose Medications from the main menu.

Here, you’ll see any medications that have been prescribed by a Main Line Health provider who participates in our patient portal, such as Main Line HealthCare primary care providers. Each prescription will be listed with its common and scientific names as well as the prescribed dosage and the prescribing provider.

In addition, you can easily add any medications to your record as well as remove anything that is currently listed. To add a medication, just click the Add a Medication button and begin typing the name of your medication into the search box. After a few letters, you will be shown potential matches. Once you find and select an appropriate match, you’ll be able to add the date you began taking the medication as well as any comments. It will then appear under the “Medications You’ve Asked to Be Added” section of the page, until it is reviewed by a member of your primary care provider’s care team for addition to your record.

When hovering over any medication, you may also notice that you have the option to Remove medications from your record. Once reviewed by your care team, requested medications will no longer be shown as part of your record.

Finally, you can also add “Personal Notes” about your medications directly in the patient portal. These notes are not viewable by your doctor and are not part of your legal medical record, but can be used to help you keep track of your medications in one, central location.