We know how you feel. You’ve just had a lab test or radiology exam performed and you’re anxiously waiting for the results. We’ve been there too.

Now, with Main Line Health MyChart, there’s no more waiting for a phone call or letter. Instead, you can view your results and your doctor’s comments within days for laboratory, radiology, pathology and other tests.

Just navigate to Health and choose Test Results to view your results with most recent items shown first.

Please be aware that certain sensitive tests may not be available in MyChart as quickly as more common tests, in order to give providers ample time to review results and contact you directly, if necessary, to discuss the results.

Have you had a large number of tests performed and need to narrow down the list? Typing a relevant keyword like “glucose” or “blood” will quickly filter down the list to help you find what you’re looking for.

Plus, for certain types of tests, you’ll be able to not only view details from the most recent test, but also view a graph of past results so you can easily see how you’re trending.