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Family was at the heart of decision to choose Paoli Hospital for maternity care

Patient Spotlight July 12, 2017 By Main Line Health

Family was at the heart of Meagan Hendrickson’s decision to choose Paoli Hospital for her maternity care.

“I had always heard great things about Paoli, but I ultimately made my decision to deliver there when I learned that the maternity unit offered all-private patient rooms while some of the other local hospitals did not,” says Hendrickson. “The opportunity to have that private, special time with my family was important.”

It wasn’t until her first son was born that she’d realize just how important that private time would be. A week past her February 2014 due date, Hendrickson was admitted to Paoli to be induced into labor in the midst of a snowstorm. Coupled with the fact that Hendrickson was a first-time mother, she admits the experience—although positive—was “a little chaotic.”

When the couple found out they were expecting baby number two in summer 2017, they could breathe a sigh of relief: no snowstorms were in the forecast.

Still, regardless of the weather, Hendrickson knew she could count on the Paoli Hospital team to deliver a superior care experience. When baby Kieran made his debut in early June, she was impressed.

“The nursing staff was amazing. I was so appreciative of how much time my nurse took to educate me about what was happening, even though I was a second-time mom,” says Hendrickson. “Maybe I was more receptive to it because it was my second time, but they were great.”

One particularly special part of Hendrickson’s delivery was that there was a new member of her maternity care team this time: her sister.

“When my first son was born, she had recently gotten a job at Paoli, and she’s now doing her orientation for her new position on the labor and delivery floor! She got to take her nephew and weigh and clean him when he was born…it was a family affair,” says Hendrickson.

Now, nearly two months after Kieran’s arrival, the Hendricksons are adjusting to life as a family of four. And, while sleep and warm meals can be hard to come by for new parents, Hendrickson is grateful that she found that—and more—during her stay at Paoli.

“The team at Paoli wasn’t obtrusive. I was able to spend time with my family, I had time to sleep, the food was wonderful—I called it Hotel Paoli. I asked to be the last one checked out because I didn’t want to leave,” she recalls. “I would absolutely recommend Paoli to anyone. They were so professional, and took the time for me and my family.”

A family affair for every patient

Paoli Hospital’s world-class Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, devoted labor nurses, lactation consultants and private rooms are designed to make every family’s big day as special as possible. But no matter which Main Line Health hospital you choose, you can be assured of a family-centered childbirth experience backed by a strong clinical team. Learn more about maternity care at Main Line Health.