Catalyst provides a window into the scientific explorations underway at LIMR as well as the biomedical inventions in progress—everything from new tools to detect disease or predict its behavior to new angles on treatment.

We also highlight ongoing clinical studies, which are central to determining how tests or treatments work in patients, and introduce members of our dedicated faculty, taking a look at the problems they seek to solve.

Spring-Summer 2023

Inside this issue:

  • Showing a better way for coronary bypass
  • Antibodies created at LIMR playing key role in fight against polio
  • LIMR-backed start-up pursues drug to prevent diabetes-related blindness
  • Vitamin D may be a lifesaver against COVID pneumonia


Fall 2022-Winter 2023

Inside this issue:

  • A trailblazer in preventing sudden cardiac death
  • Research on limiting surgical scarring receives national coverage
  • Mandik-Nayak's research brings autoimmune disease treatment closer
  • Helping low-income patients navigate barriers to care

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Summer 2022

Inside this issue:

  • Closer than ever to restoring the ability to regrow tissue
  • Trip to India focuses on early-warning signs of potential pandemic
  • Main Line Health nurse turns inventor to help with wound care
  • With $1.67M grant, LIMR pursues new approach to preventing life-threatening diabetes complications


Fall 2021-Winter 2022

Inside this issue:

  • Clinical trials providing increased options against heart valve disease
  • Inventing innovative solutions to improve patient care
  • A pioneer in minimally invasive colorectal surgery
  • Supporting tomorrow’s cures


Spring 2021

Inside this issue:

  • Cardiogenetics Program Helps Patients Make Informed Decisions About Care
  • Improving Immunotherapies
  • Forging Paths in Cardiac Research and Patient Care
  • Turning Lab Findings into Approved Therapies


Fall 2020

Inside this issue:

  • Leading the way among women in science
  • Helping cancer patients thrive during treatment
  • LIMR investigators continue to fight COVID-19
  • Donors inspired by LIMR’s rapid response to the pandemic’s scientific challenges
  • Training today’s clinicians and tomorrow’s scientists


Summer 2020

Inside this issue:

  • LIMR investigators pivot their research to battle COVID-19
  • A conversation with Peter Kowey, MD: advancing patient care through research and physician training
  • LISA Program develops impactful cardiovascular research collaborations


Fall 2019-Winter 2020

Inside this issue:

  • Meet LIMR’s next generation of researchers
  • Mission: vanquish sudden cardiac death
  • Cardiac research today: improving the standard of care for tomorrow
  • Beyond the lab walls: caring for our community

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Summer 2019

Inside this issue:

  • Return on investments in research: LIMR fills the gap between lab discoveries and treatments administered in the clinic
  • Advancing cancer care through clinical research
  • LIMR discovery: potential new therapy for ulcerative colitis
  • Donor spotlight: Linda Waddell advances scientific breakthroughs at LIMR
  • The latest LIMR news

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Fall 2018-Winter 2019

Inside this issue:

  • Taking research to heart: LIMR offers patients access to groundbreaking cardiac clinical trials
  • Mastering innovation and impactful population health research
  • Mission: safeguard smooth, efficient research operations
  • LIMR discovery: a protein that plays nice—until it doesn’t
  • A special message from Peter H. Havens, chairman of LIMR’s Board of Trustees
  • The latest LIMR news

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Spring-Summer 2018

Inside this issue:

  • LIMR Professor Scott Dessain and his team pursue innovations on multiple fronts
  • Aca-pre-neurń-i-al: LIMR’s organizational model of biomedical research
  • Mission: determine which chemotherapy patients will develop nausea
  • Population health research: building integrated partnerships to improve patient health
  • A special tribute to the Gordon Family, on a mission to improve lives
  • The latest LIMR news

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Spring-Summer 2017

Inside this issue:

  • IDO: two sides of the same biomedical coin
  • Ninety years of revolutionary cancer research at LIMR
  • A missing piece in heart care identified
  • Challenge met: accurate diagnosis of joint infection
  • National cancer treatment study available at Main Line Health hospitals
  • A special tribute to the Havens family, long-time LIMR donors
  • The latest LIMR news

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Fall 2016

Inside this issue:

  • Unlocking the lost art of regeneration
  • Pinpoint delivery of cancer therapy
  • Disarming an accomplice in autoimmune disease
  • Major heart valve study comes to Lankenau Medical Center
  • A special tribute to donor Illa G. Brustman
  • LIMR News

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