Melvin Reichman

Melvin Reichman, PhD

Resident Faculty

Research interests include: neuroscience, understanding how protein misfolding leads to neurodegeneration in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and discovering combination-drug treatment; diabetes, applying high throughput screening to discover fructosamine-3-kinase inhibitors to treat diabetes complications; drug discovery, developing and applying new screening technologies to discover novel combination drugs; public-private partnering in pharmaceutical research and development, a unique open innovation model called Double Blinded Drug Discovery®.

  • Sr. Investigator; Chief Scientific Officer, Small Molecule Therapeutics
  • 2014-Present: President, ICBS
  • 2010-Present: Chairman of the Board, International Chemical Biology Society (ICBS)
  • 2007-2013: President, LIMR Chemical Genomics Center, Inc.
  • 2006-Present: Senior Investigator, Lankenau Institute for Medical Research
  • Editor, ACCR Cancer Reviews
  • Editor, Combinatorial Chemistry and High Throughput Screening
  • Editor, Journal of Biomolecular Screening
  • Editor, Current Chemical Genomics