Clinical Research Center

The Clinical Research Center (CRC) at LIMR provides support for clinical researchers who are conducting clinical trials.

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Basic and Preclinical Research Services

LIMR offers research services to research and affiliated faculty, incubating companies, and physicians throughout Main Line Health. Here, you will find documents that contain pricing for specific services.

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Center for Human Antibody Technology

The Center for Human Antibody Technology (CHAT) is a core facility that uses a powerful human antibody cloning platform technology developed by LIMR’s Scott Dessain, MD, PhD.

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LIMR Chemical Genomics Center

The mission of LIMR Chemical Genomics Center (LCGC) is to advance medicinal discovery. We provide proprietary, uniquely diverse, drug-like chemical libraries and other resources that measurably improve the efficiency of high throughput screening (HTS) by 500 percent, and potentially reveal unexpected drug synergies that may otherwise not be discovered.

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Research Services and Editorial Support

LIMR offers research services and editorial support to our investigators and affiliated faculty. Find a list of available services here.

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Biomedical Grant Funding Opportunities

Looking for grant funding for your research project?

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Biotechnology Company Incubator

Technology development at LIMR focuses on three main functions, including promoting the development and commercialization of discoveries through technology transfer, identifying new early-stage biotech companies and partnering with organizations in our community to increase awareness of LIMR and bring additional resources to our facility.

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Office of Research Protections

The mission of the Office of Research Protections (ORP) is to forge a partnership with the Main Line Health research community to conduct safe and ethical research.

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Find relevant forms, including our grant application tracking sheet, disclosure of significant financial interest and bi-monthly activity forms.

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