At LIMR, safety is a priority in all aspects of our research. There are two committees within LIMR that oversee laboratory safety, the Institutional Biosafety Committee (LIMR IBC) and the LIMR General Safety Committee. These groups develop, implement, and coordinate the laboratory and biological safety programs for all of LIMR’s research laboratories. In addition, the LIMR General Safety Committee assists Principal Investigators in providing training on general laboratory safety and overseeing the proper use and disposal of chemicals.

The LIMR IBC oversees research involving recombinant DNA, pathogenic organisms, and/or human or non-human primate derived materials (e.g., cell lines, tissues, fluid). Additionally, the Committee oversees all projects involving infectious agents (RG-2 and 3) and certain toxins, which are on the CDC Select agents list.

It is the responsibility of the Investigator to submit the proposed research to the LIMR IBC for approval before the research has begun. You may not start your research until your protocol has been reviewed and approved by the LIMR IBC. For more information, please contact the Director of Research Administration at LIMR.

Below are the members of the LIMR IBC. Those designated with an * are also members of the LIMR General Safety Committee.

  • Matt Finley, PhD, Chair*
  • James M. Mullin, Ph.D. , Professor
  • Gan-Xin Yan, M.D., Ph.D., Professor
  • Eric Alexander, PhD, Research Assistant Professor
  • Michael P. McCann, Ph.D. , Non-Institutional Member
  • Janice Knepper, Ph.D, Non-Institutional Member
  • Judith Daviau, DVM, Veterinary Consultant
  • Bevin Dolan, M.D. , Infectious Disease
  • James DuHadaway, Alternate IBC Member*
  • Gwendolyn Gilliard, Alternate IBC Member*
  • Ann Jonik, Receiving Clerk/Glasswash Tech*
  • Christopher Barmes
  • Jack Medendorp, MS, BSN, RN, CIP*

Policies, procedures and training