Your world will change once you realize that you alone can positively influence life. Making a tangible difference in the lives of others is what being a physician is all about. Because success is not about personal gain. In its truest form, success stems from making a positive impact on the life of one other person. Family physicians are granted the privilege and opportunity to achieve tremendous success by impacting the lives of the many people they will care for and work with throughout their careers. It’s a simple formula, positively impact one life, then search for another.

We are accomplishing this broad vision by creating a supportive learning environment that shares in the success of one another. By connecting residents to their physician colleagues, Main Line HealthCare staff and, of course, our patients, we all share the responsibility of building a healthy, thriving community. Regardless of your clinical interests and technical abilities, the program faculty, your peers and myself will work with you to develop the necessary skill set so that you may positively impact your community as a trustworthy and competent physician.

Our mission is to grow community leaders as well as physicians. Throughout your training, you will be linked to ongoing community efforts, senior leadership meetings, quality improvement projects, settings for the provision of high quality patient care and exposed to the practice management tools necessary to successfully conduct your efforts. With active participation, you will find our program to be a comprehensive, well-rounded and rewarding experience.

At the Lankenau Family Medicine Residency Program, residents have the ability to shape the program. As program director, I guarantee you that I won’t have all the answers. An extraordinary residency program cannot be built by the efforts of one individual. It's achieved by the collaborative efforts of an effective team. And much trial and error. This is your program and you are invited to share your voice. Much of the program’s current design is based on voiced resident feedback. My only rule is that I won’t accept a problem from someone that hasn’t spent a considerable amount of time thinking about a solution. It’s all about solutions - the more you generate the more likely you are to find a winner.

In conclusion, as a family physician I have enjoyed numerous opportunities not afforded to many. From my residency experience to the present moment, my career has been and continues to be an incredible journey. I look forward to sharing with you the knowledge and skills necessary for you to experience the same. And always remember, you can make a difference. You can influence life.

Richard M. Watson, DO