Improving quality of life and longevity for people with heart failure

At Lankenau Heart Institute in the suburbs of Philadelphia, we treat patients with heart failure, or congestive heart failure (CHF), by taking a comprehensive approach that emphasizes lifestyle changes along with advanced treatments and management of contributing conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

Along with medication management and preventive measures, heart failure interventions may include:

When surgery is required to manage heart failure, our board-certified heart failure specialists bring expertise in a wide range of procedures, including heart valve repair and replacement, coronary artery bypass (CABG) surgery, and ventricular-assist device implantation. Our experienced team comprises surgeons who have extensive experience with left ventricular assist device (LVAD) implantation as well as a dedicated LVAD nurse practitioner and physician assistant specializing in heart failure.

Heart failure is a lifelong condition that requires long-term care. Our goal is to effectively manage your symptoms and dramatically reduce the rate of hospitalization and readmission associated with your disease.

Treating patients with the most severe heart failure

If you have severe heart failure, a mechanical assist device may be an option for you. This device can serve as either a “bridge-to-transplant” if you are waiting for a donor heart or if you are not eligible or well enough to undergo transplant surgery.

If you are a candidate for heart transplant, this procedure can significantly improve your quality of life and chances of survival. At Lankenau Heart Institute we partner with prominent transplant programs throughout the Philadelphia region to ensure our heart failure patients have access to transplant services.

Cardiovascular clinical trials at Main Line Health

Main Line Health uses clinical trials to help prevent, diagnose and treat the full range of heart and vascular conditions. Learn more about the cardiovascular clinical trials currently being offered by our renowned cardiologists and heart and vascular surgeons. 

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