Years volunteering

This is my first full year of long-term volunteering, but I have always volunteered throughout my career.

What’s a typical day like for you?

I work as an escort in the patient transport department, so our job is to help transport patients to and from their testing areas and different parts of the hospital. We do a lot of walking in patient transport!

What made you want to become a volunteer at Paoli?

I was looking for an opportunity to cheer people up because of their circumstances—they were sick, they were scared, they were nervous—I wanted the opportunity to make them smile.

What is your favorite thing about volunteering at Paoli?

Meeting the patients and making their day better. You spend quality time with them in between appointments and surgery and you can make them laugh and make their day brighter. I’ve met a lot of other great volunteers since I started at Paoli, and we’ve become friends.

How does it make you feel to be able to give back to patients and the community in this way?

I get just as much out of it as I give. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I even added another day of volunteering to my schedule each week!

Would you recommend volunteering at Paoli?

Definitely! I learned a lot about the hospital. The patients we meet tell us—as volunteers—about how special we make them feel and make their lives better. It’s a great hospital and a very positive place.

Have you ever wished there was something you could do to help others? Paoli Hospital is looking for people like you to join our volunteer team of 500 volunteers from age 15 and counting. Our volunteers are students, parents, grandparents, working professionals and retirees from all walks of life who support Paoli Hospital’s mission to uphold the standard of excellence in care, educational information, technology and community outreach. To learn more, or to apply, visit our website or call 484.565.1099.