The legacy gift from John Bancker Gribbel has enabled Riddle Hospital to purchase the da Vinci Xi robot-assisted surgical system. In the hands of our excellent surgeons, this new technology will dramatically improve the experience of our patients.

Riddle Hospital first introduced robot assisted surgery in 2018. Since then, this innovative technology has allowed us to offer more options for minimally invasive procedures and bring the associated benefits of reduced complications and fewer days in recovery to our patients.

The new Pavilion will be home to the da Vinci Xi® robot-assisted surgical system. This fourth-generation technology features visual enhancements that improve the surgeon’s ability to see beyond what the human eye alone can achieve, offering 10X magnification and 3D-HD imaging. The da Vinci’s improved instruments and articulation let surgeons perform complex and delicate procedures even in parts of the body like the neck and pelvic girdle that are difficult for the human hand to reach in traditional surgery.

In addition to purchasing the system, Riddle Hospital used funds from the Gribbel Trust Endowment to purchase the TS7000dV, an operating table designed to be fully integrated with the da Vinci Xi. The table allows the surgical team to reposition the patient for optimal placement throughout the procedure.

We are most grateful for the Gribbel Trust Endowment’s enduring investment, which is helping to advance the care at Riddle Hospital at a time when we are striving for improvement while still recovering from the financial difficulties of the pandemic.