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Thank you for considering a gift to support Main Line Health. As a non-profit organization, Main Line Health depends on charitable support to help provide the highest quality health care for the people in our community.

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Group of doctors and nurses with their hands all stacked in between them in a show of camaraderie

Meet the Moment: Campaign to Support Strategic Priorities at Main Line Health

Throughout its long history, Main Line Health has benefited from the generosity and foresight of donors whose charitable contributions help us transform lives and enhance our community’s wellbeing. We're honored to share with you the Meet the Moment Campaign, a two-year systemwide effort to raise $5 million through the end of 2025. This campaign is for highest priority needs and will help us face the increasingly challenging financial landscape in the health care industry. Gifts can be designated to the hospital of your choice or the Main Line Health system as a whole and will be utilized for top priorities set by health system leaders and hospital presidents.

A doctor listening to a patient's heart.

Lankenau Initiative to Improve Cardiovascular Access (LIICA)

Lankenau Initiative to Improve Cardiovascular Access (LIICA) is aimed at ensuring our local, medically-underserved patients have access to the resources they need to recover from significant cardiac events and remain healthy, with the goal of improving long-term outcomes and saving lives. The strategy is to provide secondary cardiovascular event prevention care by first understanding the unique individual and environmental factors this population faces and then working to address these challenges. It is being spearheaded by Dr. Mara Caroline and physician assistant Amanda McClendon who are partnering with an impressive, interdisciplinary team to execute the program. Philanthropy has the opportunity to address some of the common barriers to care that the LIICA team has identified in working with our community. Ultimately, we hope to build a scalable and replicable program that can have impact far beyond our initial pilot program and service area.

Closeup of researcher placing slide on microscope

Lankenau Institute for Medical Research (LIMR) Cardiovascular Research Systemwide Campaign

Cardiovascular research has been a mainstay at Main Line Health since 1927 when the Lankenau Institute for Medical Research (LIMR) was founded, and it continues today with our program playing an important role in transforming the field of cardiovascular medicine from traditional to non-invasive therapies. Investing in the following strategic initiatives will help us push the boundaries of science and spearhead new treatments.

da Vinci® Robotic Teaching Console

Robot-assisted surgical systems at Bryn Mawr Hospital

Efforts are underway to raise $1.5 million to acquire two additional surgical robots to grow our robotic surgery program. This investment will allow us to offer robot-assisted surgical options to more patients, add more specialties to our program, improve clinical outcomes, decrease wait times for procedures and enhance our physician recruitment efforts.

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Emergency room patient in bed

Bed expansion at Paoli Hospital

In recent years, a combination of factors including the closure of other hospitals in Chester County, a greater severity of illness, and a continually aging population have resulted in unprecedented volumes throughout the hospital. To accommodate our growing number of patients, Paoli Hospital will expand the Emergency Department with eight additional beds and reconfigure an existing unit to add a 12-bed telemetry-capable unit by summer 2024.

Given the current healthcare fiscal environment, donations from our friends in the community for essential investments such as the Paoli Hospital Bed Expansion help us care for our patients in an efficient, timely manner. Thank you for considering a donation to this vital project.

Riddle Hospital Ambulance

Ambulances at Riddle Hospital

Nearly 40 years ago, Riddle Hospital's EMS Unit was launched with one ambulance loaned by the Lima Ambulance Service to support fire companies in the surrounding communities. Now, Riddle Hospital's EMS Unit provides 24-hour emergency coverage in response to dispatched 911 calls for the following local municipalities: Concord, Middletown, Media, Newtown, and many others in the Delaware County region.

The award-winning service is currently relying on aging vehicles and needs to purchase two van-style ambulances and a special resource ambulance equipped to transport bariatric patients. Given the current health care fiscal environment, donations from our friends in the community for essential investments such as new ambulances at Riddle Hospital help us care for our patients in the most efficient, timely manner. Thank you for considering a donation to this key project.

A collage of two photos picturing musical instruments and art supplies

Creative arts at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital

Elevating the Creative Arts Therapy Program to new heights necessitates vital endowment support. The endowment is instrumental in supporting the Art and Music Therapy programs, contributing to therapist positions, extending treatment hours for patients, and supplying essential resources and supplies for therapists. This encompasses patient activity resources, support group provisions, and various other necessities. The strategic aim is to fully endow the Creative Arts Therapy Program, ensuring the Foundation maintains perpetual funding dedicated specifically to this invaluable initiative.

HomeCare nurse using blood pressure cuff on patient

HomeCare & Hospice

HomeCare & Hospice is dedicated to enriching quality of life for patients whose independence and dignity can best be preserved by receiving health care services and products in the home. Because third party reimbursement covers only part of the cost of home care, hospice and palliative care, charitable support provided by committed friends and donors can make a real difference.

Main Line Health King of Prussia

Rooftop Farm Project at Main Line Health King of Prussia

The Rooftop Farm will serve as a health and nutrition educational hub for patients, families, providers, and community members. Help us build this innovative resource designed to reimagine and improve how health care is delivered.

Mother and baby with bottle of milk

Donor to Door: Bridge Milk for Home Program

This program will ensure that families of MLH newborns have access to a transitional supply of donor milk to help "bridge" nutrition or supply gaps, when medically indicated.