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We’re on a mission to conquer cancer

May 18, 2021 Cancer

Clinical trials involving groundbreaking treatments, medications or technologies offer hope for improved health and quality of life for cancer patients today. They also are crucial for advancing scientific knowledge that can help future patients by finding new ways to prevent and treat cancer.

Main Line Health participates in hundreds of clinical trials for cancer as well as other formidable medical challenges.

“Our access to clinical trials sponsored by the National Cancer Institute ensures that state-of-the-art treatments, medications and technologies are available to Main Line Health patients to treat cancer,” says Albert DeNittis, MD, principal investigator, Main Line Health. “If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, we have access to the latest research that may help you. And you may be able to help us make cancer a thing of the past.”

Main Line Health offers clinical trials for many types of cancer, including brain, breast, colorectal, esophageal, gastrointestinal, gynecologic, head and neck, kidney, lung, lymphoma and leukemia, myeloma, pancreatic and prostate.

“Our cancer patients appreciate being able to stay close to home, their physicians and their neighborhood Main Line Health facility,” says Paul Gilman, MD, director of the Clinical Research Center at Lankenau Institute for Medical Research, part of Main Line Health. “Here they can be part of innovative treatments and clinical trials.”

To learn more about cancer research at Main Line Health, visit the Lankenau Institute for Medical Research Center for Clinical Cancer Research.