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Neurological rehabilitation helps mind and body recovery

Main Line Health May 31, 2017 Neurosciences

Any time there is trauma to the brain or spinal cord due to a fall, stroke, concussion, or other type of neurologic event, it can make daily life much more challenging. Since neurological damage can lead to permanent impairments, people may experience limitations that affect their independence. The damage may also affect how they relate and interact with home, work, school and community—an adjustment that can be psychologically and emotionally challenging.

Neurological rehabilitation is a medical approach that uses modern technology and advanced treatments to support patients’ physical and social well-being after traumatic injury or illness. The types of treatment may include:

  • Helping patients become as independent as possible by focusing on developing skills needed for daily activities
  • Working with patients to regain strength, balance, and mobility
  • Improving speech and swallowing issues to enhance communication
  • Developing ways to compensate for deficits (e.g., learning new ways to perform activities, possibly using adaptive equipment)

Neurological rehabilitation services provided by Bryn Mawr Rehab specialists at Main Line Health include evidence-based treatment approaches, the latest technology and specialty equipment as well as expert, hands-on care and compassion. We also work closely with families, loved ones, and caregivers to provide teaching and guidance in order for them to better assist you. Our ultimate goal is always to help you regain function and independence, and live your best possible life.

With convenient locations throughout the Philadelphia suburbs, there’s always a specialist near you. A physician’s prescription is required to begin treatment, including the initial evaluation and subsequent therapy services.

To make an appointment, call Bryn Mawr Rehab at 484.596.5000.