Surgery to create a more feminine or more masculine body shape

Gender-affirming body contouring refers to plastic surgery techniques that are used to reshape the body into a more masculine or more feminine physique, as desired. Common procedures include liposuction (fat removal), fat redistribution, and surgical implants.

Because the bony framework of the body cannot be changed with hormone therapy, body contouring focuses on reshaping overlying soft tissues to achieve the desired shape.

  • For example, in feminizing body contouring, liposuction to trim the waist, trunk, and flanks may be combined with fat transfer (also known as autologous fat grafting) to round out the hips, creating a more feminine waist-to-hip ratio.
  • In masculinizing body contouring, liposuction of extra fat in the thighs and buttocks may be combined with abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) to create a more masculine physique.

Gender-affirming surgery at Main Line Health

Gender-affirming body contouring is available at Main Line Health through the Gender Care Program. To learn about gender-affirming surgical options offered at Main Line Health or to schedule an appointment with a gender care surgeon, please call 484.337.5329 for a consultation.