Postoperative Care Team

Your postoperative care team

Before, during and after your joint replacement surgery while you're at Main Line Health, you will have a number of team members who will care for you. Some members of the team may include:

Orthopaedic surgeon

You picked your orthopaedic surgeon because you trust them to do their best job on your hip or knee replacement. Your orthopaedic surgeon will direct your care and lead a team of dedicated professionals who includes physician assistants (PAs) and orthopaedic residents who will make sure you have a great experience.

Medical physician

The cardiologist and/or physician who cleared you for your surgery will monitor your medical care after your surgery. These skilled physicians work closely with our hospital care team. They are experienced in caring for patients with medical issues after surgery.

Physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs)

These team members are an important part of the surgery team, both in the OR and post-operatively. They will be in constant communication with your surgeon to make sure that you get the best care possible, and that you are informed about your medical status at all times.

Nursing care

When you arrive in your room, your nurse and patient care technician will help you get settled in. He/she will show you where your call bell is located, help you change into your gown, take your vital signs, make sure all of your belongings have been transferred from the pre- and post-op area, assess your pain level and treat appropriately and provide you with a snack and something to drink until your meal arrives.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy will begin within 24 hours of your surgery. You may get out of bed on the day of your surgery (with help) if your anesthesia has worn off, if your vital signs are stable and if your pain is under control.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy will begin within 24 hours of your surgery. The occupational therapist will review the activities of daily living after having back or neck surgery, such as dressing, toileting, bed transfers and chair transfers. He/she works very closely with the physical therapist.

Joint replacement coach

The friend or family member you have selected to be your joint replacement coach plays an important role in both your short- and long-term recovery. This person will be involved with your physical therapy, occupational therapy and pain management, and will continue to support you after you leave the hospital.

Care manager

The care manager will meet you the day after your surgery. He/she will review your home situation and your plans for discharge. The length of your stay at the hospital will be determined by how well you do post-operatively. If you are going to a rehabilitation facility, your insurance company is involved in authorizing and determining your length of stay at the facility.

Members of your care team may also include:

  • Nurse manager (NM) – manages nursing care and orthopaedic unit
  • Social worker (SW) – may handle your discharge planning
  • Respiratory therapist – specialist in airway management, mechanical ventilation and pulmonary hygiene; they evaluate and treat respiratory and cardiovascular problems, if needed
  • Unit secretary (US)
  • Environmental services – provides housekeeping services
  • Host/hostess – delivers your meals
  • Patient care technician (PCT)