Surgery to create a smaller chest

Many nonbinary people struggle to feel comfortable in their bodies. For those who do not take hormones, surgery may be the only option to improve their body uneasiness.

One surgical option that may be considered is removal of some or all of the feminine breast tissue and recontouring the chest wall to create an aesthetic more aligned with one's gender identity.

For some people, this entails bilateral mastectomy, with or without nipple reconstruction. Others may choose breast reduction to reduce the size of the breasts. This allows a nonbinary person to conceal their chest if desired or present as more feminine if desired.

It is important to discuss your wishes, so your surgeon can customize the surgical technique and approach to help achieve your goals.

Gender-affirming surgery at Main Line Health

Nonbinary top surgery is available at Main Line Health through the Gender Care Program. To learn about gender-affirming surgical options offered at Main Line Health or to schedule an appointment with a gender care surgeon, please call 484.337.5329 for a consultation.