Repair Labral Tears in the Hip

What is labral tear repair in the hip?

The hip has a "ball and socket" function with the ball being cushioned within the socket by a springy cartilage. Holding the ball in place and acting something like a gasket, is the labrum. The labrum may tear due to repetitive use such as in certain sports like ice hockey, ballet or soccer. A tear may also occur as the result of an injury or because of a structural abnormality such as hip dysplasia. Regardless of the source of the tear, it often causes pain, stiffness, and "catching" as though the ball of the hip is getting stuck in the socket.

Conservative approaches to repairing labral tears in the hip include physical therapy, medication and corticosteroid injections. If less invasive methods do not improve the symptoms, hip arthroplasty (surgery) may be necessary. An orthopaedic expert can diagnose and assess your condition.


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