Residents and students from Lankenau Medical Center as well as external residency programs, medical schools, osteopathic schools, and physician assistant schools are all welcome to rotate on the GI inpatient service. Rotations are typically 2- 4 weeks long. Students are expected to follow 2-3 inpatients, depending on the level of clinical experience and the complexity of each patient. Responsibilities include obtaining history and physicals, rounding daily on patients they are following, writing daily progress notes, and providing updates to the GI fellows and attending physician on service on rounds. Visitors may watch endoscopic procedures but may not perform them.

Residents and students are expected to attend GI conferences while on the inpatient service and to also give one informal talk on a GI topic of their choice. They may be excused for mandatory medical school events and to attend internal residency noon conference.

Interested students should contact Kathryn Lattanzio to schedule a rotation at [email protected] or 484.476.2169. Availability depends on the number of other residents and students on the rotation at the time of interest.