Main Line Health Physician Partners Participation Criteria

Requirements to join MLHPP Tier 1 Network:

1. Membership on Main Line Health Medical Staff

For more information on joining Main Line Health Medical Staff, please visit Credentials and Application for Membership to the Main Line Health Medical Staff webpage.

2. Use of an EMR for clinical documentation

In order to fully execute your participation, proof of EMR usage must be provided. Below outlines the EMR audit criteria and associated documentation that will need to be provided.

  • Most recent MIPS score (not applicable to pediatricians). If not available, a reason must be provided.
  • One session worth of notes (half day) from each physician to include:
    • Screenshot of schedule for identified date/session
    • Associated notes for each patient listed on the schedule
    • If not included in the notes, then a screen shot/print out of:
      • Problems
      • Medication Module
      • Allergies
      • Immunizations
    • Last entry into chart for each patient from above to include (if not available, any other patient example will suffice):
      • Lab note (electronic review of laboratory results)
      • Phone call encounter
      • E-Rx (electronic prescription sent to pharmacy
      • Patient after visit summary

3. Use of Epic Secure Chat or cell phone number listed in MLH Physician to Physician Communication app

4. Specialty/multispecialty practices insert EMR after visit summary language encouraging PCP visit and provide to patients

5. Annually attend 1 value based care educational program/event

Requirements to join MLHPP Tier 2 Network:

View the value based credit approval process.