The most important goal of the Bryn Mawr Hospital podiatry residency program is to educate and prepare graduate podiatric physicians for the ever-changing health care environment. They will assume the responsibility for providing comprehensive health care for the patient and family with special considerations for the cultural, social, ethnic and economic conditions present.

The vision of the Bryn Mawr Hospital podiatry residency program is to thoroughly train and educate our residents by providing continually updated resources and learning experiences so that they may become competent, board-certified podiatric physicians. They will be taught to be compassionate healers that will strengthen both their communities and hospitals. During the three years that they will spend at the Bryn Mawr Hospital, they will be exposed to all aspects of podiatric medicine and surgery as well as office management and administration.

A balance is needed in one's personal and professional life. Through the caring and sharing environment of the Bryn Mawr Hospital podiatry residency program, these residents will gain a valuable perspective in the priorities of their lives for themselves, their patients and their families. The rotations, call schedule, and 'goals and objectives' for the clinical experiences are based of the ability of each individual resident and modified as necessary. The Bryn Mawr Hospital podiatry residency program strives to provide an opportunity to learn without fear of failure. Any failure of any kind is viewed as a shortcoming in the educational process and will be addressed in a compassionate corrective manner.

The Bryn Mawr Hospital podiatry residency program will take advantage of the enormous resources of our hospital system to provide the best and most rounded educational experience by sharing medical staffs and private office settings. Our program's ultimate goal is to graduate podiatric physicians who will strive to have the highest moral, ethical and educational standards.

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