Breast health guidance and support for all women

Guidance in choosing the best imaging and finding the best physicians can be found at Main Line Health. The staff understands that it can be a difficult and complicated process and has created a breast program to meet every woman’s needs.

Thanks to our nurse navigators, patients are navigated through the complexities of breast health and breast cancer diagnosis, and ultimately find what works best for them. Throughout the entire course of their disease management, our nurses give patients one-on-one guidance and support. The Main Line Health breast centers’ nurses:

  • Help patients understand their diagnoses
  • Communicate with health care staff and providers
  • Help patients understand medical terms and treatment options
  • Participate in a weekly multidisciplinary conference with physicians, genetic counselors and fellow nurses to discuss and determine the best treatment plan for each patient newly diagnosed with breast cancer
  • Teach cancer prevention, screening guidelines and the importance of early detection and breast self-exams

Together with our dedicated breast social worker, our nurses also:

  • Address logistical issues, such as transportation needs
  • Assist with financial concerns
  • Provide one-on-one counseling sessions and family counseling
  • Hold group sessions

Our nurse navigators are ready to answer your questions

Lankenau Medical Center

Mary Beth MerolaMary Beth Merola, RN, BS, CBCN
Photo coming soonCathy Scallon, RN, MSN, CBCN

Bryn Mawr Hospital

Martha LymanMarti Lyman, MSN, RN, CBCN
Lisa SchlosmanLisa Schlosman, BSN, RN
Mary Jo VerzellaMary Jo Verzella, BSN, RN

Paoli Hospital

Sara AshworthSara Ashworth RN, BSN, CBCN
Bettyanne SunderlandBettyanne Sunderland RNBC,BSN,OCN,ONN-CG
Meghan WalkerMeghan Walker RN, MSN, CBCN

Riddle Hospital

Photo coming soonAnnette Pierdomenico, RNC-OB, MSN, CBCN