Medically monitored weight loss and surgical weight loss solutions—when it’s time for the weight to come off for good

By the time you read this, you may have already given up on yourself where weight is concerned. You may feel you’ve failed at every food and fitness trend that’s come along, probably because nothing has helped you maintain a healthy weight for the long term. Yet you still find yourself wondering if there’s something “out there” that could help you lose the weight once and for all. So—

  • Whether you’re frustrated with midlife weight gain
  • You’ve been told by your doctor that you need to lose weight
  • You have a chronic condition that’s worsened by obesity
  • You’ve been overweight all your life
  • You’re planning to get pregnant
  • Your weight problem is affecting your social/professional/family/sexual life

The weight loss doctors and specialists at Main Line Health in the western suburbs of Philadelphia want you to know that we can help—and we are experts in weight loss that actually works, for a lifetime.

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Patients served by the Comprehensive Weight and Wellness Program
BMI Treatment options
≥ 30* or
≥ 27 with comorbid condition(s), such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea
Medical weight loss solutions
≥ 40 or
≥ 35 with comorbid condition(s)
Surgical and/or medical weight loss solutions

Medical weight loss specialists who take a whole-person approach to weight management

Main Line Health’s Comprehensive Weight and Wellness Program consists of an interdisciplinary team of medical weight loss specialists, including a bariatrician, bariatric surgeon, bariatric nutritionists, nurses who specialize in medically monitored weight loss and surgical weight loss, exercise physiologists, as well as behavioral health counselors, who have seen people just like you succeed in losing body fat while regaining life, health and energy.

“It’s never too late for you to become a healthy weight. What many overweight people and those with obesity don’t realize is that you don’t have to suffer along the way.” – Dr. Stephanie McKnight

We care deeply about your long-term success and well-being and we will guide you along the right channels for treatment and support based on:

  • How much weight you want to lose
  • Your current health condition
  • Your lifestyle and behaviors
  • Your own unique history of weight management
  • Genetic influences

And any other factors that influence your health and well-being as it relates to being overweight or obese.

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