Preventing relapse is critical to recovery—and integral to the work we do at Mirmont

Relapse is a complex issue and is one of the biggest obstacles to sustained growth in recovery for people with a substance use disorder. Once you’ve experienced a relapse, attempts to stop using alcohol and/or drugs becomes more difficult without the proper therapeutic interventions.

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At Mirmont Treatment Center just outside of Philadelphia we specialize in preventing relapse into drugs and alcohol. We do this by:

  • Helping patients identify and address relapse warning signs, such as relapse thought patterns that lead to repeated outcomes of self-sabotage and a return to alcohol and drug use
  • Facilitating understanding of unresolved core issues and trauma, and what triggers a return to unhealthy behaviors
  • Developing strategic interventions and relapse prevention skills for a specific program of recovery

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I am not defined by my relapses, but by my decision to remain in recovery despite them. – Anonymous

Certified relapse prevention specialists

Our relapse prevention specialists are certified in the Gorski-CENAPS model of relapse prevention therapy, specifically trained to treat people with relapse syndrome. They assist patients in identifying the specific progression that takes them from a stable place in recovery back to active use. This provides a clear understanding of what creates risk and how to intervene. It also offers new insights into the primary critical warning signs that drive the patterns of relapse that patients might not otherwise recognize.

Relapse therapy and our approach to preventing relapse

Effective participation in this therapy process, along with involvement in the Peer Recovery Program and continued therapy, can significantly increase the likelihood of preventing relapse. Patients have the opportunity to disrupt the cycle of relapse, increase levels of motivation, change unhealthy patterns, and improve their overall experience of recovery.

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