Hematologic (Blood) Cancer

What is hematologic cancer?

Many different types of cancer affect your blood, lymph nodes or bone marrow. These hematologic cancers include lymphoma, leukemia and myelomas. At Main Line Health, we provide expert, personalized care from detection through treatment and into remission.

We are your partners in cancer care, helping you find the treatment that works best for you. We collaborate with you and your family as a team, discussing treatment options and selecting those that best attack your type of cancer.


At Main Line Health, we offer the latest technology and expertise in cancer treatment from chemotherapy to radiation therapy. We design care to give you the most advanced and least invasive treatment possible so you feel fewer side effects as cancer cells are destroyed.

We offer advanced hematologic cancer treatments, including:

  • Targeted biologic therapies that destroy cancer cells without doing a lot of harm to healthy cells.
  • Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) that precisely targets cancer cells and delivers the exact right amount of treatment.
  • Clinical trials that explore new treatments and help improve the future of cancer care.


Chemotherapy is used to fight almost every type of cancer and is part of the comprehensive treatment plan created by our oncologists.


Bone Marrow Transplant

Preserving stem cells, then introducing them to the body to stimulate normal, healthy blood cell production, can be a lifesaving treatment option.

Radiation Therapy

Specialists at Main Line Health offer a variety of radiation therapies to help treat cancerous tumors while preserving healthy tissue.

Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy

Intensity-modulated radiation therapy, or IMRT, uses sophisticated imaging and software to identify the exact size, shape and location of a tumor and to deliver a precise dose of radiation that conforms to the tumor and leaves surrounding tissue intact.


Genetics and Risk Assessment

Genetic evaluation is becoming an important part of personalized care, as many health conditions have a genetic basis and genetic test results can help to guide medical decisions. Our genetic counselors provide consultations related to cancer genetics, cardiovascular genetics and prenatal genetics.

Hematology and Blood Disorders

Whether you are fighting cancer or managing a blood disorder, the hematologists and oncologists at Main Line Health offer the comprehensive care you need.

Cancer Care

From diagnosis and throughout treatment, Main Line Health cancer specialists (oncologists) provide compassionate care for you and your loved ones through all stages of cancer treatment.