Hematology and Blood Disorders

When it comes to managing conditions like hemophilia and sickle cell anemia, expert care and a personalized treatment plan are of the utmost importance. The team of hematology experts at Main Line Health understand the challenges you face and foster a supportive, compassionate environment where you can feel comfortable receiving hematology care.

About hematology at Main Line Health 

Hematologists are doctors who have undergone special training to treat blood disorders (such as sickle cell anemia or hemophilia). At Main Line Health, our expert hematologists use the latest medicines and techniques to treat and manage these conditions, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy and blood transfusions. 

In the fight against cancer, medical oncologists often serve as leaders of the care team, collaborating closely with hematologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists and other doctors to create a treatment plan that is personalized to your needs. Oncologists work closely with hematologists to find effective treatments, manage any side effects and control symptoms of cancer, such as pain.  

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The team of hematology experts at Main Line Health offer services to address a variety of blood conditions. They’ll listen to your needs and work to find the right solution for you.

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Hematology and blood disorders clinical trials

Learn more about our hematology clinical trials.

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