Sharpe-Strumia Research Foundation

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The mission of the Sharpe-Strumia Research Foundation is to encourage and support the conduct of medical research by practicing physicians on the medical staff of Main Line Hospitals with preference given to physicians whose primary hospital affiliation is the Bryn Mawr Campus, and to research which relates to identified clinical initiatives at the Bryn Mawr campus and Main Line Hospitals.

Collaborative studies with outside individuals or institutions (with preference given to other Jefferson Health System campuses) are encouraged, provided that such studies include active involvement of the practicing physician-investigator and are likely to lead to clinical trials at the Bryn Mawr or other Main Line Hospital campuses. 

Contact us:
130 South Bryn Mawr Avenue
C-Wing, 6th Floor, Room 650
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
Phone: 484.337.4244 | Fax: 484.337.4245

Funding opportunities

Application deadline for 2024 is February 1, 2024

  • Grants are available to support original research by health care professionals and biomedical researchers at Bryn Mawr Hospital and other Main Line Health hospitals.
  • Priority will be given to research proposals by practicing physicians and other healthcare professionals at Bryn Mawr Hospital. Projects that have the potential to lead to advances in clinical practice as well as those involving physicians-in-training are encouraged.
  • Publication of research findings is encouraged; reimbursement for publication costs of funded studies in peer reviewed journals is available.
  • Assistance in refining your research proposal prior to submission is available from experienced investigators. Such assistance is strongly encouraged especially for investigators who do not have extensive research experience.
  • A maximum of $50,000 per project is available for a period of 1 year starting on July 1, 2024. A few grants will be considered for an award of up to $75,000 if there is clear justification in the research and budget sections explaining why the additional funds are crucial to the project. Most awards will be for $50,000 or less in an effort to encourage as many research projects as possible. If the project is not completed within one year, the investigator may apply for funding in the next funding cycle.
  • Only 1 application per investigator will be accepted.
    The Scientific Committee strongly discourages utilizing the name of a colleague as a Principal Investigator in a proposal attributable to another investigator who has submitted a different proposal.
  • Please do not submit your electronic application in multiple files but as 1 complete PDF file.
  • Investigators agree to abide by the foundation's intellectual property policy (PDF).
  • Please contact Louise Gethers for information on application forms and procedures.

Instructions for submitting your proposal application

Submit a completed PDF version of your proposal to: [email protected] and 8 hard-copies by noon on February 1, 2024 to:

Louise Gethers
Sharpe-Strumia Research Foundation Office
130 South Bryn Mawr Avenue
6th Floor / C-Wing, Room 650
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

For further information

Contact Louise Gethers at 484.337.4244 or email [email protected]

Instructions for submission of proposals


  • Be sure to use the format indicated on our main page.
  • Only proposals adhering to the 6-page limit will be considered.
  • Please do not include more than 20 publications with an investigator’s Curriculum Vitae.
  • Appendices are strictly limited to 1 full length publication or equivalent, and 5 publication face pages.
  • Please include a sample of your informed consent form if your research involves human subjects.


  • Please use the Budget Form (Excel) available on our opportunities webpage when you submit the budget for your proposal.
  • Travel costs for presentation of funded research should not be included in the project budget. The foundation has a separate fund for such expenses. Please review the foundation’s travel policy on our website or contact Louise Gethers for further details.

Intellectual Property Policy

Additional information is available from Louise Gethers, Room 650, 6th floor C- wing, Bryn Mawr Hospital, 484.337.4244.

Additional special instructions

  • Grant application deadline is February 1, 2024
  • PC users are advised to complete the grant application (the body of the grant proposal, not the forms) using Arial 11 point font; Mac users should use Helvetica 11 point font
  • Other support — include Specific Aims of each funded grant, along with title, principal investigator(s), funding source, dollar amount of award, inclusive dates
  • Intellectual property — report any patents obtained or applied for as well as current business collaborations that relate directly to this proposal
  • Human subjects description on research plan — describe the use of human subjects; state whether IRB approval was obtained or is being applied for
  • Letters of collaboration — a signed letter of collaboration (indicating review of the grant submitted and willingness to participate in the project) is required from any co-investigator or senior-level collaborator (this excludes co-investigators who are listed on a Biographical Sketch and have submitted a Conflict of Interest form; also excluded are laboratory technicians, study nurses, students, residents and fellows-in-training)
  • Appendices — limited to ONE principal investigator or co-investigator complete published reference or accepted/submitted manuscript that relates directly to the proposed project; the FACE pages only of no more than five publications or face pages/abstracts of any unpublished manuscripts may be submitted as additional support
  • Conflict of Interest Forms — must be included for all key personnel on the project

Funded investigators

Bryn Mawr Hospital

SSRF2023-04 Michael Ezekowitz, M.D. “Develop a protocol for a pilot study involving a prospective randomized comparison of the four approved direct-acting oral anticoagulants in elderly patients with atrial fibrillation”

SSRF2023-10 Laurence Belkoff, M.D. “Role of rhPSMA-7.3 PET/CT imaging in men with High-Risk prostate cancer following conventional imaging and associated changes in medical management”

Continuing Research BMH

SSRF2022-16 Ext Ashlie Burkart, M.D. “Spatial Transcriptomics of Leaky Gut”

Lankenau Institute of Medical Research

SSRF2023-01 Laura Mandik-Navak Ph.D. “Unraveling the mechanism by which therapeutic targeting of ID02 alleviates autoimmune arthritis”

SSRF2023-02 James Mullin, Ph.D. “Intestinal Barrier Dysfunction in Rheumatoid Arthritis”

SSRF2023-03 Susan Gilmour, Ph.D. “Biomarkers for Neutrophil Extracellular Trap Formation in Ovarian Cancer Patients”

SSRF2023-05 Ali Keramati, M.D. “Acute Hemodynamic Effects of Left Bundle Branch Versus Deep Septal Area Pacing”

SSRF2023-06 Alexander Burashnikov “Burden of atrial fibrillation and extracellular potassium in experimental and clinical settings”

SSRF2023-07 Margaretha Wallon, Ph.D. “ROS-blockade for prevention and treatment of chemotherapy-induced nerve cell damage”

SSRF2023-12 Eric Alexander, Ph.D. “Polyamine, ATP13A3, and GCN2-related biomarkers in cancer patients treated with immunotherapy”

SSRF2023-13 Basel Ramlawi, M.D. “Development of Clinical and Anatomic Risk Prediction Tools for Trans-Catheter Valve Interventions”

SSRF2023-14 Lisa Laury-Kleintop, Ph.D. “Defining RhoB antibody effects on B cell-associated responses and signaling in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients”

SSRF2023-15 Sunil Thomas, Ph.D. “Microbial metabolome as a predictor of response to ulcerative colitis immunotherapy”

SSRF2023-16 Gan Xin-Yan, M.D. “Validation of an Efficient Method for Determination of Drug Dissociation Time Constant from Heart Ina Channels”

SSRF2023-17 Anthony Ashton, Ph.D. “Understanding the Pathogenic Basis of Pregnancy Induced Heart Failure”

SSRF2023-18 Scott Dessain, M.D. “Therapeutic potential of targeting the NMDA receptor in lung cancer”

Continuing Research LIMR

SSRF2022-03 Ext Sunil Thomas, M.D. “Development of MNRNA BINI therapy for the treatment of ulcerative colitis”

SSRF2022-14 Ext James Mullin, Ph.D. "Decreasing Upper Gastrointestinal mucosal leak by orally administered zinc”

SSRF2021-06 Ext 2 Sunil Thomas, Ph.D. “Molecular mechanisms leading to ulcerative colitis”

SSRF2021-22 Ali Keramati, M.D. “Comparison of left bundle branch area versus right ventricular pacing in patients with high-degree conduction disease after transcatheter aortic valve replacement”

Board members

Jack L. Martin, MD
President 2016–Present
Vice President 2014–2016
President 1998–2008

Guy T. Bernstein, MD
Vice President

Barbara S. Lindsay, MSN, RN
Treasurer and Secretary

Lawrence L. Livornese, Jr., MD
Chairman of Medicine, Main Line Health

John T. Schwarz
President, Bryn Mawr Hospital

Ned Carp, MD

Michele Columbo, MD

Gary H. Friday, MD

Hans H. Liu, MD

James M. Mullin, PhD

Louise Gethers, Office Secretary
Foundation Accountant