General surgeons are doctors who are board-certified as specialists in many different types of surgery. At Main Line Health, with four acute care hospitals convenient to many areas of the Philadelphia suburbs, our general surgeons are an important part of your care team.

General surgeons perform some of the most common surgeries in our hospitals. These include surgeries done in the abdomen—for example, if you need to have your appendix removed or get a hernia repaired, you're likely to see a general surgeon for your procedure.

In addition, you may work with a general surgeon for diagnostic procedures, such as a biopsy (tissue sample). General surgeons also perform surgery to remove tumors and treat different types of cancer, including breast cancer.

Maximum expertise in minimally invasive surgery

The general surgery team at Main Line Health has extensive experience with minimally invasive surgery. Unlike traditional open procedures done with a large incision, our surgeons can perform many surgeries with just a few tiny incisions. In some cases, you might have a surgery with no incision at all.

Our general surgeons are great team players

Our general surgeons work with a number of other specialists throughout our hospitals. Through procedures like diagnostic laparoscopy, our general surgeons can work with gastroenterologists and gynecologists to pinpoint the cause of your abdominal symptoms.

They also work closely with our oncologists to make sure you get the surgery you need as part of your cancer treatment.

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