Palliative care home services provide extra layer of support

Palliative care is specialized medical care for people with serious illnesses. It focuses on providing patients with relief from the symptoms, pain, and stress that living with a serious illness can bring.

The goal of palliative care is to improve quality of life for both the patient and the family. Palliative care is appropriate at any stage of serious illness and can be provided together with curative treatment.

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"I'm so thankful for palliative care because I feel supported and prepared. It's really important to have people who listen and take initiative when you need help."

Our palliative care home services

A team of certified nurse practitioners and other specialists who work with your doctors to provide palliative home care services. They can visit you in your home, assisted living facility, or skilled nursing facility.

The palliative care team can help you and your family understand your illness—what you can expect and what choices you can make. They guide you in making a plan to live well based on your values, culture and preferences. Read frequently asked questions about palliative care home services.

Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance companies cover palliative care services, which would be seen as specialist coverage.

Your palliative home care services team can help:

  • Provide relief from pain and other symptoms like shortness of breath, nausea, anxiety, and more
  • Coordinate care with your other health care providers
  • Offer you and your loved ones emotional and spiritual support
  • Manage your illness at home and avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital
  • Assist you with decisions regarding your care through advance care planning
  • Serve as a resource for support programs in your community

"Palliative care has helped me feel like I can take control back from a situation I had no control over."

To find out if palliative care is right for you, let your health care provider know you're interested in these services or call us at 1.888.533.3999.