Cardiac Rehabilitation

What is cardiac rehabilitation?

We seldom appreciate the heart’s role in everyday activities until we are sidelined by a heart condition or surgery. Then, tasks as simple as walking from one room to another can become monumental feats.

Outpatient cardiac rehabilitation can be an important and life-changing step in the journey to recovery and wellness for people with heart failure. Cardiac rehab is a medically supervised program that includes exercise training, education on heart-healthy living and lifestyle, and oftentimes counseling to help reduce stress. If you have heart failure or are recovering from a cardiac event, cardiac rehab can play a critical role in improving your quality and length of life.

Through the outpatient cardiac rehabilitation service at Lankenau Medical Center, Bryn Mawr Hospital, Paoli Hospital and Riddle Hospital, our four acute care hospitals in the Philadelphia suburbs, patients who have had a recent heart attack, angina attack, heart failure, open-heart surgery or angioplasty receive the specialized care they need to return to normal activities.

Of patients who have completed cardiac rehabilitation at a Main Line Health facility, 95 percent show improvement in functional ability and 100 percent of patients report overall improvement in their quality of life.

Benefits of outpatient cardiac rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation improves heart function, lowers risk factors for heart complications and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Working with your cardiologist and the cardiac rehabilitation specialist to develop an individualized plan helps you become independent, self-assured and symptom-free. These plans may include:

  • Low-intensity aerobic exercise and strength training
  • Monitoring of blood pressure and heart rhythm during exercise
  • Education focused on nutrition, stress management, hypertension, diabetes and exercise
  • A holistic approach to care that covers the full range of patient needs, from psychosocial to physical
  • A caring staff that is on-hand to provide encouragement and emotional support, answer questions and discuss areas of concern

The outpatient cardiac rehabilitation service at Main Line Health offers high-quality rehabilitation care that is supported by Lankenau Heart Institute, one of the largest medical and surgical heart programs in the Philadelphia region.

Why choose us for outpatient cardiac rehabilitation

Simply put, we have an amazing track record and a stellar team when it comes to rehabilitative support of our cardiac patients.

  • Of patients who have completed cardiac rehabilitation at a Main Line Health facility, 95 percent show improvement in functional ability and 100 percent of patients report overall improvement in their quality of life.
  • A dedicated cardiac rehabilitation team that is certified in advanced cardiovascular life support. The team includes cardiovascular nurse specialists, a certified diabetes educator, exercise physiology specialists, and nutritionists.
  • A rehabilitation team trained to work with patients who have received left ventricular assist devices (LVAD)internal cardiac defibrillatorspacemakers or transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR).

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