Diagnosing and treating the allergic responses of the immune system

Allergies are among the most common chronic conditions worldwide and are particularly prevalent in the Philadelphia area where we have considerable exposure to tree, grass, and weed pollen as well as mold spores. Seasonal or year-round symptoms can affect your quality of life, or even be life-threatening.

Allergies often go hand-in-hand with asthma. Asthma is caused by exposure to a substance that triggers an allergic reaction that causes your immune system to react in different ways, from mild to severe. Since your immune system plays such a major role in allergies, asthma and other immune disorders, many of the treatments provided by Main Line Health experts are developed to help improve your immune function. Treatment often begins with in-office tests to determine what is causing your symptoms and giving you precise information about what you are and are not allergic to, in order to ensure the correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

At Main Line Health our board-certified allergy, asthma and immunology experts have extensive academic backgrounds with advanced training in internal medicine or pediatrics as well as experience in designing, conducting, and publishing findings of clinical studies about asthma and rhinitis, in medical literature. For our patients, this means experience you can trust and forward-thinking medical approaches that can improve your condition and quality of life.

Our providers are easily accessible at convenient office times and locations in the Philadelphia suburbs near each of our four acute care hospitals. Same-day appointments are available and we maintain 24-hour coverage in case of emergency.

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