Gender Dysphoria

What is gender dysphoria?

Gender dysphoria refers to the distress or discomfort a transgender or gender-expansive person may feel if their birth-assigned sex does not align with their gender identity.

  • Birth-assigned sex — also known as birth-designated sex or natal sex—is the sex (male or female) assigned at birth.
  • Gender identity is a person's internal sense of being male, female, neither male nor female, or a combination of both male and female.

People who are significantly affected by gender dysphoria may choose to undergo medical and/or surgical treatment to transition physically and socially to the gender role they feel to be their true selves. A diagnosis for gender dysphoria was created to help people access the health care, treatment, and support they may need.


The Gender Care Program at Main Line Health offers an array of medical, surgical, behavioral health, and support services to serve the diverse needs of individuals with gender dysphoria. The program provides a safe, welcoming space where people with any degree of gender-related distress can find the support and specialized care that they need.

Gender-Affirming Surgery

The goal of gender-affirming surgery is to help transgender and gender expansive people align their physical anatomy with their gender identity. While surgery is not a part of everyone's goals or transition, gender-affirming surgeries can provide an important avenue of treatment for people with gender dysphoria.

Feminizing Bottom (Genital) Surgery

Feminizing bottom surgery is a gender-affirming surgical procedure that involves removal of the male genital organs, with or without creation of female genitals.

Feminizing Top (Chest) Surgery

Feminizing top surgery is gender-affirming surgery to create a more feminine chest shape. Transgender and gender-expansive people who desire a more feminine-appearing chest may want to consider feminizing top surgery if estrogen therapy does not produce the desired amount of breast growth.

Gender-Affirming Body Contouring

Gender-affirming body contouring refers to plastic surgery techniques that are used to create a more feminine or more masculine body shape, as desired.

Masculinizing Top (Chest) Surgery

Masculinizing top surgery is gender-affirming surgery to create a more masculine chest shape in people who were assigned female at birth and desire a more masculine chest contour.

Nonbinary Top (Chest) Surgery

Nonbinary top surgery is a gender-affirming surgical procedure that involves removing feminine breast tissue and recontouring the chest wall to create an upper body shape that better aligns with one's gender identity.

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Gender Care Program

We offer streamlined access to a team of medical, surgical, behavioral health and support specialists, in partnership with Main Line Health LGBTQ Inclusive Care for gender-affirming care.